GraVoc is proud to support the Peabody Education Foundation’s (PEF) new Mental Wellness Initiative that will benefit students, parents, and teachers in our community through holistic mental health programs. Along with North Shore Bank and the JB Thomas-Lahey Foundation, GraVoc will be providing funding to the PEF to help fund programs and promote mental health awareness. Through this initiative, the PEF will provide Peabody schools with reading materials, motivational speakers, and other resources to help them address growing mental health challenges affecting students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

GraVoc recognizes the significant impact that mental health has on our students’ ability to thrive, physically, emotionally, and academically. We are thrilled to collaborate with the PEF and their sponsors on this initiative to further generate awareness around mental health issues in our schools and provide accessible resources to support our students’ overall well-being.

The first program introduced under the Mental Wellness Initiative is the Social Emotional Libraries. These libraries – now available to all Peabody elementary school teachers – include motivational paperback and hardcover books on topics such as responsibility, respectfulness, being safe, cooperation, acceptance, resilience, and empathy to assist with social emotional teaching in classrooms.

The PEF will continue to fund mental wellness programs under this initiative throughout the year. To learn more about this great new initiative, click below to visit the PEF’s website.

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